So, you know your products, you know your patients, but do you really know what you are dealing with? Do you know the molecular structure of the Tetrahydrocannabivarin cannabinoid? Do you know what the genetic precursor of THC is? Do you know if THCa is psychoactive? Do you want to know the answer to these questions and more? Come.. let’s continue.

Educate Yourself

Throughout Cannabinist 101 you’ve seen places that have referred to knowledge of cannabinoids or genetics of certain strains. To get that knowledge you will have to research genetics and cannabinoids. This section will show you where to look for your answers.

There are a multitude of things you can find online, free of charge, to educate yourself on what you need to know to become a Cannabinist. Like with everything else online, the problem is finding the reliable information and distinguishing it from the rubble. Let’s go over some verified resources you can use to get the information you need.



People can call a plant whatever they want to call it. If you don’t know what the difference is between a strain of Jack Herer and an OG pheno, someone could call anything whatever they want to and you would be none the wiser. The best way to get to know each strain is to be around it. When that new one comes into your dispensary, check it out! See the characteristics that stand out and make it what it is. In the mean time though, here are a few key sites to check out when referring to genetics of a plant. I’ve provided a link and a summary of each of the sites. Some of good qualities and bad qualities.. like all things internet.


Seedfinder is a great source because it has a lot of old school strains and lineage. Check the top right corner to find out flowering times, a quick indica/sativa line and genetics there in the middle of the page. A good source to have for your cannabinisting.

Kind Green Buds

Kind Green Buds is a great resource for old and new strains. It not only has the information you need as far as an accurate indica/sativa, genetics, flowering time and when is the best season to harvest, but it also has a back story about how the name came to be or how the genetics happened to come about. Pretty great site overall.


Leafly is a great resource in a different way. It is an open ended, user ranked site that let’s people go on and rank how strains make them feel. So you can go on and get a general sense of how people like a certain strain if you haven’t had any experience with it. It also allows people to upload pictures and rank how they think each strains aroma is. It is much more of a ‘How did you like it’ site so there isn’t much as far as lineage or flowering times but the information provided is still useful as far as feedback.

These are the only sites I can recommend in good faith because I have used them extensively and they usually do not let me down. Feel free to look around, there are quite a few others. Just be aware of where you get your information! Spreading bad information is the worst!

Serious and Chronic Disease

We as Cannabinists will come across a wide range of people dealing with a wide range of disease and pain. They can range from sleeping wrong and a hurt back to much more serious things like depression, autoimmune disorders and even terminal patients. The more you study and learn about certain diseases, the more you will be able to help these patients. We are not doctors! We cannot ever diagnose or tell one of our patients to stop taking one of their medications and we can never ‘diagnose’ a patient with a disease. Remember, our job is to listen to what symptoms our patients are dealing with and to help them to find a medicine that will help them deal with them accordingly.

In extreme cases you will come across a patient who has a serious disease and needs your help in dealing with the symptoms. In these cases, if you know what the symptoms of a disease are, you can save your patient some dignity in having to explain it again. If you don’t know the specifics of a disease, you need a resource to turn to. Here is the best link I have found, it has never let me down when I am looking up something that is affecting my patients:

The US National Library of Medicine Encyclopedia is reliable and has everything you need. Use this link well. As always, look around though, there are a multitude of sources of information.


And the last piece of the puzzle is the science behind what we do. Check out these links to get the information you need to back up what you say to your patients and really get out there and accurately help some people!


Check out the Schutz Media Podcast episode on Cannabinoids and their Effects for all the information you need on the most prominent cannabinoids in cannabis. Furthermore, if you read through Ethan Russo’s report: Taming THC you can get great insight into the effects of each cannabinoid as well as some info on terpenes and molecular structure, It is a great read but it is science so.. be prepared. For a quick reference refer to the Schutz Media Cannabinoids Poster. It will give you an overview of each cannabinoid and their effects so you can recommend something worthwhile for your patient.


Terpenes and Flavinoids

This is the newest area of cannabis research and there isn’t too much reliable information as far as how much they affect your body… yet. They definitely affect flavor and taste, but there is debate about how much medicinal value we can put into terpenes. I don’t want to give you any information that isn’t reliable so I will leave this section as ‘Under construction’ and I will report back when I can.

Taking all of the information you have learned in the other sections and combining that with the resources in this section should leave you feeling confident with any situation you come across as a Cannabinist. Feel free to send me an email if you want to chat or if you have any questions or concerns: